Rapid Prototyping Services

VISTA Engineering Solutions helps your engineering team to visualize the new products in a better way by using rapid prototyping and rapid tooling techniques. VES has the facility to generate the prototypes made up of ABS plastics or GUN metal, etc., using FDM techniques. Our rapid prototyping services provide more room to understand the product before it hits the market. This allows the user to check the assembly capabilities and tolerances.

VES also has the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) Rapid Prototyping facility, which enables the user to make prototypes and tools directly from the CAD model.

Rapid Tooling

The advent of advanced technologies enables the user to machine tools directly from the CAD Model and make more prototypes and breaks the barrier between departments.

VES uses vacuum casting techniques to achieve the rapid tooling processes. You supply the physical products and VES will prepare Silicon rubber molds and multiple product copies which can be built in matter of hours.


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